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Breathe In, Breathe Out



Rajni Yoga and Movement was founded in 2020 in Napa, CA by Lisa and Natacha.
Rajni means "The Queen" in Sanskrit and the word just sings on its own. Born from the desire to offer yoga and movement in a way that supports the teachers and the students equally. Inclusive and stress-free 👑




Natacha used to be a ballet dancer in France and likes to describe herself as a movement lover.

Growing up, she was the shyest girl in the room. Dancing allowed her to express her emotions and feelings. 

She traveled from the South of France to Paris, from Italy to Singapore and finally to California.

Her passion for movement is real, absolute, and endless. 

Her curiosity led her to yoga. Through yoga she learned how to breathe. She learned how to let go. Yoga harbors no judgement. It brings joy and peace. Through this ancient practice and philosophy she found comfort and peace and decided to share it. 

Drawing inspiration from her background in dance, she aims to provide students with inviting and inspiring practices, challenging exercises, and a peaceful environment. 

Her yoga classes are based on constant flow linked with breath, and full body awareness; helping each of her students to fully access her or his strength and vitality.

Natacha's Ballet & Barre classes are accessible to all. Students concentrate on working on fine and gross motor skills, sequencing, musicality, confidence, and above all, the joy of dance. Nothing is ever wrong when dancing!


Lisa grew up in a house full of boys in Norwalk, CT and spent her youth between being a tomboy and girly-girl. She hated sports but loved horror movies. Afraid of spiders but loved snakes. Down with Barbie, My Little Pony, and G.I. Joe. She dabbled in dance, gymnastics and music lessons throughout elementary school and in high school dabbled in swimming and even track (hated running).         

 However nothing stuck.

She was brought to her first yoga class at a local gym in her late teens by a friend. The only memory of that class was the savasana and the music-both of which stuck. 

From that point on, she had an on-again-off-again relationship with yoga until her late 20's when she decided to commit. 

Her yoga teaching is informed by years of practice and study in nearly every yoga style as well as her interest in anatomy, alignment, different movement modalities, self-inquiry, and exploration.

Her ability to anticipate the needs of others, connect with a room, and hold space for all is what makes her style of teaching unique. 

Her classes are designed to get students to simply connect with themselves. Through breathing practices, movement, meditation and conscious effort, we are all able to master the mind.

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